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Hey, here's my game, Seven Jumps

2013-05-22 13:35:14 by ax23w4

Hi everybody,

Here's a game I've made in Flash and Flixel a while ago. It's called Seven Jumps and you can play it here.

Its mechanic is based on a game Jumping Jack for ZX Spectrum computer - I played that as a kid and really wanted to replicate that experience. But I wanted this game to be short and finite so it's only 7 levels. Music and art are original and made by me :)

I hope you'll like it!


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2013-05-25 11:28:33

Hey, man. Seven Jumps was a great game! I don't think I've ever had so much fun trying to figure out the patterns of a deceptively simple-looking platformer in my life.

Are you Cyriak by any chance? The music sounds really familiar. You ever heard of him?

It's dark, but chipper at the same time.

(Updated ) ax23w4 responds:

Hi, thanks! I've played that game a lot while I was making it but it's still fun.

No, I'm not Cyriak though I do like his stuff. I write my own music which can be listened here:

Or you can download some of it here, from the Dramacore netlabel:
- .htm
- .htm

BTW, my music is under creative commons and free to use in anything commercial or not..


2013-05-25 11:33:57



2013-05-26 00:55:13

Can't play your music, man :(

Testing in Google Chrome. I click on a song and all I get is a white bar. Am I missing something?

ax23w4 responds:

That site uses Flash to play it, maybe it's because of it.
You can also download zipped mp3s from those too links.


2013-05-26 15:49:21

Music's great, man. So are the song titles. Ever think about uploading to the NG Portal?

ax23w4 responds:

I didn't thought about it. But yeah, I can upload it here. Maybe I will.